The Downtown Ardmore Group aims to establish five (5) broad-stroke committees that will each work together with each other, existing groups and organizations to revitalize Downtown Ardmore.  We are currently working to establish both short and long term goals for each committee, but have included examples as a starting points.

1.  DAG Site Development Committee: The DAG Site Development Committee will work to enhance the physical appearance of the downtown, encourage new (appropriate) construction, revitalize existing buildings as well as long-term development planning in conjunction with the Ardmore Initiative, Penndot, and the Lower Merion Streets Department.
Proposed Projects: Helping businesses utilize existing facade grants, empty storefront clean up, plaza improvement & beautification, building/maintaining downtown planter boxes, and parking alley improvement/beautification

2.  DAG Organization Committee: The DAG Organization Committee will raise awareness of Downtown Ardmore programs to stakeholders, businesses and residents as well as recruit volunteers for all DAG committees and events.
Proposed Projects: Volunteer development, Downtown Ardmore newsletter, social media initiatives, community outreach, build/enhance community relationships. 

3.  DAG Business Development Committee: The DAG Business Development Committee will strengthen Downtown Ardmore's existing economic base while identifying emerging sectors/opportunities for new development as well as establish/maintain an active business retention program.
Proposed Projects: Bi-Annual Downtown Ardmore property tours, regular business recruitment visits, secret shopper programs, speaker series/merchant forums, establish/maintain up-to-date real estate listings

4.  DAG Promotions Committee: The DAG Promotions Committee will market/promote Downtown Ardmore's assets to Ardmore and beyond through special events, promotions, and overall awareness.  
Proposed Projects: Launch/maintain the Downtown Ardmore web-site, establish a bi-annual Downtown Ardmore magazine, develop/execute various Downtown Ardmore events including the Farm-to-Table Dinner event, the Skeletons of Ardmore, and the Cricket Cringle, develop/expand local & regional social media partnerships, and develop/maintain local university connections

5. DAG Green Committee: The DAG Green Committee will work to inspire the community to invest in its future through the adoption of green initiatives. To instill a sense of pride by establishing Ardmore as a leader in the green movement. We will work with Penndot, the Friends of Linwood Park, and other local gardening groups.  
Proposed Projects: Establish a business recycling program and rain barrel initiative, create a local Ardmore Farmer's Market, clean-up/improve Schauffelle Plaza, outreach to local schools/universities

Does any of this resonate with you?  Is there a committee you feel you can contribute to in a positive, meaningful way?  Please reach out, we'd love to hear from you!