The Downtown Ardmore Group was established in 2015 as a go-to team of volunteers dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Ardmore and Lower Merion Township residents through revitalization of Downtown Ardmore. We are building a comprehensive, diverse team that will include business owners, property owners, residents, and liaison members from the City Council, Chamber of Commerce, LMT Schools and neighboring Universities. 

Mission Statement:  To maximize the economic development potential of Downtown Ardmore for the benefit of the community by maintaining an ongoing, comprehensive downtown management program with broad-based community involvement.

The Downtown Ardmore Group aims to establish five (5) broad-stroke committees that will each work together with each other to revitalize Downtown Ardmore.  We are currently working to establish both short and long term goals for each committee and will update this page when complete (examples are included). 

1.  DAG Site Development Committee: The DAG Site Development Committee will work to enhance the physical appearance of the downtown, encourage new (appropriate) construction, revitalize existing buildings as well as long-term development planning in conjunction with the Ardmore Initiative, Penndot, and the Lower Merion Streets Department.

2.  DAG Organization Committee: The DAG Organization Committee will raise awareness of Downtown Ardmore programs to stakeholders, businesses and residents as well as recruit volunteers for all DAG committees and events.

3.  DAG Business Development Committee: The DAG Business Development Committee will strengthen Downtown Ardmore's existing economic base while identifying emerging sectors/opportunities for new development as well as establish/maintain an active business retention program.

4.  DAG Promotions Committee: The DAG Promotions Committee will market/promote Downtown Ardmore's assets to Ardmore and beyond through special events, promotions, and overall awareness.  

5. DAG Green Committee: The DAG Green Committee will work to inspire the community to invest in its future through the adoption of green initiatives. To instill a sense of pride by establishing Ardmore as a leader in the green movement. We will work with Penndot, the Friends of Linwood Park, and other local gardening groups.  

Doesn't a group or two like yours exist already? Yes and no. First of all, how does this website compare to those in existence?We know it has a ways to go, but it was made on a ZERO budget by two business owners in their spare time.It's mobile friendly, and with your help, will represent Ardmore in the way it should always have been represented. First Google impressions count. Imagine if we had the budgets those other groups have?

Yes, the committees as listed above exist in their own ways across several groups. We want to unify those who actually want to do the work, not just be on the committee. There's no board here, and we hate meetings. Choose a committee to join based on what you can best contribute and submit a project you've been trying to get off the ground through your civic group. We don't care if we didn't think of it- if it's a great idea that helps grow Ardmore, let's figure out how to make it happen. That's our mindset.

No group in existence currently has an all inclusive business directory- it's clearly stated by each group that they will only represent those who are members or in their business zone. We think all of Ardmore is important and it's even more important to see ALL we offer. This website represents how we want the DAG to be seen in our community- well organized, thoughtful, useful, and forward thinking. We're ready, we just need your support.